Install custom boot animations on your rooted device

  • Hundreds of beautiful boot animations
  • Install boot animations from your SD card
  • Convert an animated GIF to a boot animation
  • High quality boot animation previews

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Choose from hundreds of beautiful and fun boot animations.


Preview any boot animation before installing.


Save your favorite animations.


Share boot animations with your friends.

GIF to Boot

Convert animated GIFs to boot animations.


Backup your current boot animation.


Install boot animations from your SD card.

Promo Video

Watch our video of the app in action. Installing a custom boot animation has never been easier. You can also scan the QR codes to download the app to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my device supported?

Your device must be rooted to install a boot animation. Some manufacturers, like Samsung, use a different boot animation format (QMG) which is not compatible with this app. You do not need root access if you are running a ROM with the CyanogenMod theme engine.

Do I need root access?

Root access is required to change the boot animation. If you are running a ROM with the CyanogenMod theme engine, root is not required.

How do I install my own boot animation?

Simply click on the floating action button, select "Install from local", and select the ZIP archive on your device.

Can I convert a GIF to a boot animation?

Yes! The majority of animated GIFs can be converted to a boot animation and installed on your device.

What should I do before installing?

Before installing a boot animation you should have a nandroid backup. Installing a boot animation has the potential to soft-brick your device. Please backup your system partition using a custom recovery before using the app.

The boot animation doesn’t play. How can I fix this?

Some Android devices use different install locations. You should find your current boot animation location and change it in the app’s preferences.

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Story behind the app

Installing a custom boot animation on Android has always been something root users have been fond of. We love the ability to make our phones and tablets unique. In the past, installing a boot animation was a tedious process. This app makes installing boot animations fun and simple.

The app is published by JRummy Apps Inc. — a trusted software company with over 50 million installs on Google Play.

What do people think?

@JRummyApps I never knew I could change the boot animation on my phone. I am so glad I found this app. Thank you!
Amy Rex

Amy Rex Anaheim, California

A great collection of animations! Thank you for this wonderful app.
Adam Buhl

Adam Buhl Fort Worth, Texas

It has many cool boot animations for my phone.
Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson Mesa, Arizona

This app has so many boot animations. It is so easy to use. If you are bored with how your phone looks, I recommend downloading this app.
Jered Robinson

Jered Robinson Berlin, Germany

I love the new design, very easy to use and there so many new boot animations to choose from. The best there is.
Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson London, UK

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